Free speech and passion for painting and for success characterize
Paule B. Chaumette's path.

Since the beginning of the sixties, Paule followed private workshops with reputable painters like Albert Rousseau and Nicolas Kvalinsky. She assisted to different solo and group exhibitions, both in Quebec
and abroad.

In 1990, Paule finished her bachelor's degree in visual arts at Laval University, and then went back intensively to painting.

"Painting is all my life. Paule says she could not picture herself living without creating. Nature is her main source of inspiration. Her paintings are evocative of spaces and landscapes that speak to the imagination... "It is the sensibility of the line and of the color that guides my way: then it is the harmony and the subtlety of the subject. I think a painting must speak to you, and transmit softness, and emotion. Each painting has a story and a mystery that everyone must interpret according to his or her insight and experience. The artist's priority is to let others see in his or her works the sensibility, softness, and fragility without disregarding the quality of the pigment."